[Video] MSNBC Panel “Doesn’t Understand Fear of Registration”

April 9 2013
by GSL Staff
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Watch the video above first.

Done? Yeah, yeah I know 2:21 of MSBNC was painful. Go take an aspirin if you need to. I’ll wait.

Now, as they mentioned, the panel doesn’t understand why gun owners fear registration.

Hmmm. Really? You don’t understand why we don’t want the government to know how we spend our money and what we keep in our homes?

Their logic is if we have nothing to hide, we shouldn’t fear registration.

OK, I’ll play. Let’s ignore the fact that in countries that instituted registration it is almost always followed by some sort of confiscation or mandatory surrender of at least some type of firearms.

If you have nothing to hide then how about we institute registration on religion? Surely knowing exactly how many members of each religion there are would have enormous benefits.

How about whenever you get an abortion? Just fill out these forms so we can put this into a centralized government database.

If we really want to save lives there should probably be a national registry of everyone with a sexually transmitted disease or other highly contagious, chronic disease. Having this info would literally save lives. If you have nothing to hide then you shouldn’t care if we just input your medical history into this database accessible by any government official, right?

Obviously all of the above ideas are ludicrous and a gross invasion or privacy – just like gun registration is.

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