[Video] Movies That Would be Ruined by Concealed Carriers: ATM (2012)

December 10 2014
by GSL Staff
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OK, first off, living in the south I didn’t know walk in, standing room ATM’s were even a thing, but I guess they are in at least Chicago were the 2012 film ‘ATM’ is set.

Three friends enter the ATM only to find their path back to their car is blocked by a mysterious man with a tire iron.

Yep a tire iron.

Using nothing but an improvised blunt weapon it would seem that a single person is able to hold a trio of people at bay.

Let’s see how would this have gone if one of the victims was a concealed carrier?

Oh yeah, after it becomes clear that the person with a tire iron is determined to kill you and your friends you draw and fire.


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