[Video] Moms Demand Action Heads to Capitol Hill to Push for More Gun Control

May 8 2014
by GSL Staff
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Bloomberg funded anti-gun groups continue to push lawmakers on the issue of gun control.

Over 100 members of Moms Demand Action have descended on Capitol Hill this week to push for stricter background check laws.

According to USA Today,

Sonja Woods says she came to Capitol Hill on Wednesday because her daughter was fatally shot by a man who flunked multiple background checks to buy a gun due to mental problems. So he bought the weapon at a hardware store that did not require a background check.

Woods joined scores of gun violence survivors and family members of victims who gathered in a crowded congressional conference room to kick off the second annual “Moms Take the Hill” event and Mother’s Day “Week of Action.”

Of course, the report ignores the fact that if there is a hardware store selling guns to people somewhere they are already likely breaking the law. There are already extremely strict gun laws in place with stiff penalties for businesses that sell firearms. If this hardware store owner was already willing to ignore those laws, what is one more going to do?

Moms Demand Action has been in the headlines recently because their group, along with Mayors Against Illegal Guns, have formed a new group, Everytown for Gun Safety, which is being funded by $50 million from former New York City Mayor and current billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg has long fought against gun rights, and had invested millions upon millions of dollars of his own money in the fight. However, none of Bloomberg’s groups have been able to make any significant gains. In fact, many Colorado Democrats blame Bloomberg’s involvement as the reason that two anti-gun state senators were recalled in September of last year.

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