[Video] Meet the Press – Why Congress Didn’t Move Quickly on Gun Control

April 6 2013
by GSL Staff
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On Meet the Press a few days ago the panel discussed why the Congress didn’t move quickly on gun control following the Newton shooting.

According to some polls as many as 90% of Americans support “universal background checks” (we suspect many were not told what that really meant and the privacy concerns it brings with it), but a bill is almost completely unlikely to get out of the Senate, let alone make it through the Republican controlled House.

Out of all the points made, I think former Rep Tom Davis raised on of the best points. He says the people who are most likely to oppose any new gun legislation are those who actually vote. This is what I’ve been saying all along, even if Second Amendment supporters were a minority (which I don’t think they are), they are still significantly more likely to vote than your average citizen. Second Amendment supporters tend to be well versed on the Constitution, their rights, and take place in the political process at all levels at a far higher level than most people.

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