[Video] Marines Moving Towards Combat Pistol Training Program Instead of Current Slow Fire Training

August 15 2013
by GSL Staff
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The Marine Corps is in the process of rolling out its new combat based pistol training program.

The new program marks the first change in handgun training within the Marines since the 1980’s.

The current, legacy program, focuses on slow fire accuracy. The new program will focus on faster target acquisition, reloading and a new shooting stance.

Military Times gives some insight into the new requirements compared to the old,

In one stage of the legacy ELP Program, Marines were given 10 minutes to work through 15 shots at 25 yards. The new CPP training blocks require personnel to work through stages at seven, 15 and 25 yards, going through 40 rounds in a series of increments timed at between five and 12 seconds.

The program hopes to have Marines more prepared to use their sidearms under combat conditions, rather than the ideal range conditions that current training reinforces. According the marines.mil,

“This course is more combat-oriented than the pistol qualification previously implemented,” said Cpl. Kyle Abreu-Buendia, a machine gunner with 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment and native of Ewa Beach, Hawaii. “Everything is more rushed. In combat, you’re not always going to have a perfect grip. When the shooter draws the pistol from the holster, it relates to how a Marine will shoot in a stressed environment. Besides, it’s actually more fun to shoot this way.”

The new training also includes shooting from the isosceles stance, which is has proven to be a popular and effective stance outside of military applications.

While this program will not be required until late 2014, many units are excited about this update to their dated pistol training and are moving to implement the program early.

Some units may be ready to being using the program in the next couple of months.

Sources: Guns.com, Marines.mil, Military Times

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