[Video] Man Carrying Airsoft Shotgun is Run Over by Woman Who Feared Gun

August 10 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to KDKA, a woman in Aliquippa, PA may have stopped a robbery when she used her car to run down a man who was carrying a realistic looking shotgun in public.

The woman spotted the 21 year old man, carrying what appeared to be a pistol grip shotgun on Main St in the vicinity of a couple of teenagers.

According to police accounts,

“She thought he was going to do something to them, so she yelled out of her car window, ‘Hey, they’re just kids, leave them alone,’” said Detective Sgt. Steven Roberts, of the Aliquippa Police Department. “He turned and pointed this at her, and she thought it was a real weapon and that she was about to be shot or that the kids were in danger, so she gunned her car and struck him.”

Police believe that the suspect was going to attempt to rob a nearby gas station using the fake gun. However, no information on how they drew that conclusion is yet available.

The toy did not have the bright orange tip that is normally found on toy and replica guns.

The man who was struck by the car was treated for non-life threatening injuries at an area hospital. Part of the man’s ear had to be reattached surgically.

The woman will not face any charges for running over the man,

“She had no duty to retreat,” said Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh. “You don’t have to wait to find out whether or not this is a real gun or not, and she was acting not only out of her own defense, but the defense of those two children.”

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