[Video] Man Arrested for Smuggling .22 Short Derringer in His Rectum, .22LR Must Have Been Too Big

September 4 2013
by GSL Staff
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article-2410551-1B9B9669000005DC-460_634x448Apparently a lot of people get arrested in Oklahoma City on holiday weekends. In fact, so many people were arrested over the Labor Day weekend that at least one inmate wasn’t properly searched when he was booked on violating a city ordinance.

Mark Gregory Valadez didn’t want to get caught with what appears to be a .22 Short derringer, so he hid it in the only place he knew to – in his bottom.

According to KFOR,

He was originally arrested on a city violation that is now a felony count of possession of contraband in a penal institution… and a trip to the hospital.

“Because of complaints and concerns from Mr. Valadez, we had to take him to the hospital on complaints that he was actually found to be impacted do to the weapon,” Sheriff Whetsel said.

The derringer contained one round and one spent casing (we’re not sure we want to know where that other bullet is).

Authorities were made aware of the very well concealed gun after Valadez bragged about his weapon to fellow inmates, who then proceeded to promptly rat him out.

There may also be a violation in the future for a jail employee if it’s found that Valadez was not properly ran through a metal detector.

article-2410551-1B9B9665000005DC-996_634x384This story may bring up memories of the woman who earlier this year was sentenced to 25 years for trying to smuggle a gun in her lady parts and meth in her butt. Strangely, that story also happened in Oklahoma. I guess we’ll have to start calling inside the body carry, “Oklahoma Carry”.

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