[Video] Kristen Joy Weiss Shoots a Playing Card Over Her Shoulder With a Mirror at 20 Yards

December 10 2014
by GSL Staff
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Kristen Joy Weiss loves her trick shots and she shows us why in the above video.

In a nod to an Annie Oakley trick shot Weiss attempts to split a playing card by shooting a .22 lever action rifle over her shoulder using only a mirror to aim.

Here is the description from the Youtube video:

Decided to try a mirror trick shot (splitting a card aiming backwards using a mirror), using a lever action rifle. But, I extended the distance a bit & used a smaller bullet than normally used (a 22 caliber instead of a 30 caliber). I did NOT know what I was getting into, ha! But I try it for the first time on camera, and share it with you in this video….

It’s all about challenging yourself and having fun. It is the fun, challenge, and joy of shooting after all!

The longest backwards card split using a mirror, a trick shot by Performance Shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss, and a nod to trick shot artist and sharpshooter Annie Oakley.

I’m impressed!

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