[Video] Idiot Youtube Prankster in Mask, Carrying Fake Gun Has Real Gun Pulled on Him

July 14 2014
by GSL Staff
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This guy is super lucky to be alive based on what I’m seeing in the above video.

In the video, a member of the ModelPrankstersTV Youtube channel harasses people late at night while wearing a “Scream” movie mask and while carrying a fake gun.

Most of the victims of the prank run for their lives, but one guys pulls out his own, most likely very real gun, on the prankster.

Fortunately, the victim didn’t shoot and the prankster gets to live to do stupid stuff another day.

According to the video description, it was filmed in Kentucky. NOT a state I would want to try my luck in.

I guess the prankster isn’t aware that some states have analog gun laws which make it illegal to use fake/toy guns in a threatening manner.

All in all, this guy is a serious idiot and I’d say his actions border on criminal.

You can head over to Youtube and give the video a thumbs up or down to let the channel know what you think.

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