[Video] Idiot Chris Matthews Goes Off on the NRA Over Uzi Shooting Death

August 28 2014
by GSL Staff
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Oh Chris Matthews, when isn’t it the NRA’s fault in your mind?

Everyone’s “favorite” MSNBC host went off on the NRA over the incident in which a 9 year old girl accidentally shot and killed her shooting instructor when she lost control of the fully automatic Uzi she was firing.

Here are some of Matthew’s comments,

“[W]here is the NRA right now? Can’t you hear their not saying anything? I wonder why. They must be embarrassed in their awful silence.”

You know, I don’t believe everybody’s guilty who has a different opinion than I do. I don’t believe people are sinful or illegal, but I think that people are members of the NRA have a unique ability because they’re members and gun owners to call up the head of the NRA or write a letter, or tweet or whatever the hell the way you got a way to communicate and send a message. A little restriction for common sense would not be the enemy of the gun owner, it would be the friend of the gun owner. A little bit of restraint for common sense…

Interestingly, the NRA offers no training or instruction programs on the use of automatic weapons. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen the NRA promote the use of or ownership of automatic weapons.

In fact, the NRA was even partially behind the legislation in the 1980’s which made it much, much harder for private citizens to own machine guns (which was a dumb law IMO).

Not sure how you can blame the NRA for this one. That would be like blaming Nascar or Formula 1 if a 9 year girl was killed because someone was dumb enough to let her drive a race car.

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