[Video] Huffington Post Writer Gets Ripped Apart by NRA News Radio Host Cam Edwards on “Smart Guns”

July 18 2014
by GSL Staff
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Hunter Stuart is a staff reporter for the Huffington Post. As many of you probably know HuffPo isn’t the most gun friendly media website out there and most of their editorials/articles tend to be much more in the gun control camp than the gun rights camp.

Stuart recently wrote an article entitled “The Gun Lobby And A Dumb Law Are Keeping Us From Safer Guns” in which he blamed organizations like the NRA as well as New Jersey’s smart gun law on the fact that “smart guns” aren’t widely for sale in the United States right now.

If you aren’t aware, there is a law on the books in New Jersey, which was passed 15+ years ago which states that as soon as a smart gun that limits who can operate it in some way is commercially available in the United States that, following a grace period, all guns sold in New Jersey would have to be smart guns (of course, law enforcement is exempt from this requirement).

So far, every vendor who has attempted to sell the Armatix iP1 (currently the only commercially available smart gun), has faced enormous backlash from the gun community to the point that they have almost been shut down.

Cam Edwards, host of the NRA News radio show Cam and Company, got wind of the article and invited Stuart onto the show to discuss his article. Surprisingly Stuart agreed.

The resulting exchange between Edwards and Stuart can be seen in the above video. Stuart repeatedly shows his ignorance on the real issues behind smart gun technology.

One of the my favorite parts of the interview was when Stuart said that when he interviewed the Chief of Police of San Francisco (I’m sure he’s totally unbiased) the chief said he WOULD NOT use smart guns for his patrol officers because retention holsters did the job just as well.

I don’t fully blame Stuart personally for his article. He’s a staff reporter at a liberal publication and he got handed an assignment by his boss. However, this does illustrate how grossly under-informed the general media is about gun issues and why we see so much negative reporting on guns.

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