[Video] HS Student Suspended After BB Gun Found in Car OFF CAMPUS, BB Gun Also Confiscated

May 16 2014
by GSL Staff
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So I guess high school students in Iowa just don’t have fourth amendment rights, even off campus.

According to local media reports, law enforcement was called after a citizen saw what appeared to be a gun inside of a car that was parked off campus, but near Dubuque Senior High School in Dubuque, Iowa.

According to KWWL,

“This incident is an important reminder that the school district and area law enforcement do not take the presence of these weapons lightly,” Dubuque Senior High School principal Dan Johnson said to parents in an e-mail and voicemail that went out to all Dubuque Senior High School families this morning.

KWWL questioned why a student would be suspended if the car and BB gun were both off school property. Cyze provided the following clarification:

“This morning’s incident occurred adjacent to campus during arrival time while other students were present,” Cyze said. “Police responded to the location of the vehicle as well as to Senior High School, at the time not knowing what, if any, threat may have existed. Given this, there was a significant disruption to the learning environment and having the student on campus would have continued that disruption throughout the day.

It is the district’s practice to suspend students involved in similar instances while the investigation is conducted by police and administrators and the facts can be determined. Disciplinary action, if any, is determined based on the results of that investigation.”

Hmmm. Sounds like a fourth amendment violation as well as outright theft to me. Also, so much for that whole innocent until proven guilty thing.

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