[Video] Gun Control Rally is Overwhelmed by Pro Gun Supporters Who Take Over Podium

August 31 2013
by GSL Staff
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You know, we keep hearing about how 90% of the country supports expanded background checks, and a majority support new gun control.

However, whenever it comes to actually taking action, those alleged supporters are nowhere to be found. Often, participants at anti-gun rallies are outnumbered by organizers and the media.

A rally in support of expanded background checks in Ohio late this week was no exception.

Anti-gun speakers and protestors, who numbered only a handful, where quickly overwhelmed by NRA and Buckeye Firearms Association supporters in Columbus.

According to 10tv.com,

“As a gun owner, I’m a responsible person and I think it’s responsible to ask to have all gun owners have a background check,” said Blanche Luczyk [event organizer]. “It’s just common sense. Any responsible person who is willing to take the ownership of a gun should be willing to have that background check.”

Luczyk’s message was quickly drowned out by chants from the pro-gun crowd and she eventually gave up the floor to a pro-gun speaker.

Also according to 10TV,

“There’s no reason for Mayors Against Illegal Guns to be in Ohio,” said Linda Walker of the Buckeye Firearms Foundation. “Ohioans stand up for our constitutional rights and that’s the way it’s going to be.”

After Luczyk addressed the crowd to some jeers and boos, Walker, with the crowd on her side, replaced her as a speaker.

“People are fired up, people are concerned,” said Walker. “It’s overwhelming this many people show up on a Friday afternoon because our constitutional rights are that important.”

If 90% of the country is so passionate about gun control – where the heck are they? Oh, could it be that those numbers are highly inflated?

90% background checks debunked.

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