[Video] Grocery Giant Kroger Is Disarming Security Guards

March 28 2014
by GSL Staff
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kroger-logoThe grocery store giant, Kroger, is making a move to decrease the safety of their employees and customers.

At most Kroger locations, security personnel already don’t carry firearms, but many do make use of less lethal weapons such as batons, pepper sprays, etc.

Now it looks like all weapons will be off the tables for security officers tasked with preventing shoplifting, controlling unruly customers and providing general security.

According to 10TV,

The grocery chain has confirmed with 10TV that it is in the process of transitioning to unarmed security guards across the company.

Kroger says that armed guards will remain in some locations but not in any of its Columbus area stores.

10TV obtained a letter that U.S. Protection Service, the company that provides security guards to Kroger, sent to its employees.

The security company says in the letter that effective March 29, its guards will be “completely unarmed–no weapons, no handcuffs, no chemical repellant, no baton, etc.”

Personally, I don’t rely on third parties for my personal safety, but I fail to see the logic in preventing people working in a security position from defending themselves in any way. These people will now by the equivalent of Wal Mart greeters.

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