[Video] Girl Charged in Bullet Proof Vest Shooting Lied to Protect Suspected Boyfriend

May 17 2014
by GSL Staff
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You’ve probably seen the story we posted earlier this week about the 18 year old girl, Taylor Kelly, who was charged with manslaughter after shooting a man, Blake Wardell, while he was wearing a bullet proof vest.

Kelly said that Wardell put the vest on and asked her to shoot him, but she narrowly missed and hit him in the heart. Wardell died from his injuries.

Well, it turns out that version of events is not what actually happened. It seems that Kelly was lying for another man that was present that night. Timothy Fisher, 25, and Kelly can be seen in Facebook photos acting very much the part of a couple.

It seems that it was actually Fisher who brought the vest that night and it was Fisher who fired the fatal shot. Kelly apparently lied to protect Fisher, who is a felon.

According to Fox Carolina,

Deputies said during an interview Thursday, Kelly admitted she did not tell the truth during her original statement and additional evidence confirmed her story, implicating Fisher.

Deputies said Kelly’s involuntary manslaughter charge was removed, but she was charged with accessory after the fact to a felony.

According to arrest warrants, Fisher shot Wardell and Kelly helped him knowing he was a felon to “avoid the consequences of his crime” by telling deputies she shot Wardell.

Kelly could still face up to three years in prison if convicted on the accessory charge.

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