[Video] FPSRussia and Dan Bilzerian Made a Gun Video – Yeah, It’s Pretty Epic

April 18 2014
by GSL Staff
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Between the two of them I’m pretty sure Dan Bilzerian and FPSRussia own more NFA items than the rest of the country combined… OK, not really, but they do have some ridiculous toys.

Let’s see – machine guns, models in bikinis, rally cars, and completely unnecessary stunts – check, check, check and check.

We’ve got an M4, complete with functioning grenade launcher of course (sadly, Dan didn’t break into his collection of grenades for the video), an M249 SAW, and of course the Ma Deuce.

If you’re not familiar with the participants, here’s some background.

FPSRussia has made a presumably small fortune and gained Youtube celebrity status for his extremely popular Youtube channel in which he shoots a ton of different, rare guns all the while portraying a fake Russian.

Dan Bilzerian is a multi-millionaire poker player, actor, playboy and gun collector. You have to check out his Instagram.

The resulting video of putting these two together is about what you would expect.

Keep livin the life fellas, keep livin the life.

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