[Video] Fox News’ Bob Beckel Calls NRA’s Colion Noir “A Punk” Over His MLK Day Gun Rights Video

January 22 2014
by GSL Staff
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First off, Colion Noir got featured on Fox News’ The Five. Bravo man. You know you’re doing something right when you get the mainstream media’s panties in a wad.

If you aren’t aware, Noir made a video on Martin Luther King Jr Day for the NRA News in his role as an NRA News Contributor. The video focused on the fact that MLK saw the need for firearms for self defense and even applied for a carry permit himself, although he was denied.

The clip caught the attention of the hosts of Fox’s The Five, who played part of the clip on air.

The Five’s, Bob Beckel, didn’t like Noir’s comments too much and even called him “this punk” at one point.

Click here to watch the clip from The Five. I’ll find an embeddable copy of the video as soon as I can.

As an old, white male who is probably financially secure, I’m sure Bob is in a much better position to comment on what Dr. King would think over Colion Noir, who is a young, black male living in the south and who put himself through law school.

Beckel also complained about the “NRA and their bazookas.” Bazookas? Seriously? Understand laws much Bob?

The other hosts of the show were more welcoming to Noir’s comments.

If you haven’t seen the whole MLK video, it’s definitely worth a watch:

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