[Video] Five Girls Who Shoot Better Than You

August 13 2013
by GSL Staff
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Female shooters are one of the fastest growing demographics in the firearms community, and these ladies aren’t just getting a .38 J-Frame for self defense. Oh no, they are fully embracing the sport and tactical aspects of the shooting world.

So here are four videos of girls who probably shoot better than you.

First up, Katelyn Francis, who was 13 when the following video was shot. She handles a full auto ACR with ease and does amazingly well on the shotgun portion of this 3 gun course, handling moving reloads very well.

Next up we have another 3 gun competitor, Tasha Hanish, a USPSA champion. She handles the 3 gun format extremely well.

How about we see some tactical shotgun shooting? Here we have one half of the popular Youtube channel “BRANDON401401”. Stationary and moving targets are handled equally well.

And finally we have a couple of fun videos. First, Top Shots competitor Clint Upchurch loses a shooting contest with his 9 year old daughter.

And this one is really just for fun.

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