[Video] Five Anti-Gun Liberals Shoot a Gun For the First Time

August 21 2014
by GSL Staff
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BuzzFeed has posted a video in which they took five anti-gun liberals to shoot a gun for the first time. Given their obvious political leanings, I don’t think BuzzFeed had to try too hard to find five anti-gun liberals around their office.

They each took turns shooting a 9mm Beretta and Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun.

Allison seems to particularly enjoy the experience.

Several of the participants seem to have outright, physical fear of the guns, even in a controlled environment. This shows how irrational an anti-gunners fear of an inanimate object can be.

None of the participants had their mind changed by the experience and it seems like most of them actually felt guilty about enjoying the experience.

Next video idea – Take them across the border over into Nevada and let them have some real fun with some full-auto firearms.

Also, for people saying “No one wants to take your guns,” if you notice, a couple of these folks say they don’t believe anyone should own guns at all.


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