[Video] Father of CA Shooting Victim Compares Semi-Auto Handguns to Nuclear Weapons

May 27 2014
by GSL Staff
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First off, once again, these statements come from the father of one of the victims in the Isla Vista killing spree, not the killer’s father (who also made anti-gun statements through his attorney).

The father of Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez, one of three people who was shot by a crazed lunatic on Friday night, spoke out against politicians and the gun lobby immediately following the death of his son.

Now, in a new video statement, Martinez compares the ownership of three semi-automatic handguns to keeping nuclear weapons in one’s basement.

The gun lobby will no doubt characterize my statement yesterday at the police station as the rantings of a grief-stricken parent. Hannah Arendt in her book on violence points out that it’s a bullsh*t argument. She observed that people can be both rational and emotional at the same time. Because I’m emotional, it doesn’t mean that what I say is irrational. Nobody needs to own three semi-automatic handguns. It doesn’t make sense. We don’t let people have nuclear bombs in their basements. Why? Because it’s too dangerous.

We don’t think there’s a magic cure for the problem of gun violence in America. The solution to the problem of gun violence in America, will take a lot of people working on different aspects of the problem: mental health, violence and the intimidation of women. Our son was killed, but we haven’t lost sight of the fact that the shooter’s anger was directed at young women. What happened has become another shameful part of a history of violence against women and needs to be addressed.

When people talk about their rights, they don’t talk about the responsibilities. They don’t talk about the responsibility to look out for other people. We all need to look out for each other’s children.

It should be noted that California currently has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, including a strict universal background check law which has once again been mentioned in the aftermath of this tragedy. Only certain, approved guns can be sold in the state, magazine capacity is limited to 10 rounds, and there are waiting periods to purchase firearms.

California is also one of only a few states that bans the possession of certain types of semi-auto firearms. California has a rating of “A” from the Brady Campaign. California is one of the top 5 strictest states for gun control according to the Brady Campaign.

California is one of the only states that uses mental health records to build a database of prohibited individuals and even has a task force whose job is to confiscate guns from people who have been declared mentally ineligible to own a gun.

NRA sponsored bills and proposals are rarely considered and even more rarely passed in California. The state passes far more Brady and Moms Demand Action sponsored legislation than NRA sponsored legislation.

California has very strict laws in regards to concealed carry, and in most jurisdictions, carry permits are almost never issued to regular citizens.

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