[Video] Family of Aurora Theater Shooting Victims Suing Company That Sold Ammo Used in Incident

September 17 2014
by GSL Staff
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The parents of a woman killed by James Holmes in the Aurora Theater Shooting are now suing four companies responsible for selling ammo and accessories to James Holmes over the internet.

According to FoxCT,

The websites sold James Holmes the ammunition, body armor, tear gas and other equipment used when he opened fired in a packed Aurora movie theater during a July 2012 midnight showing of the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises.”

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence filed the lawsuit on behalf of Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, whose daughter Jessica Ghawi was shot and killed in the attack that left 12 dead and dozens wounded.

The lawsuit claims that the sellers were negligent in their sales of the goods (most of which are not regulated in any way). According to Yahoo News,

The lawsuit alleges it was illegal and negligent to sell the gear to James Holmes, who is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 in the July 20, 2012, attack.

It says the companies had no safeguards to keep dangerous people from buying their goods.

“It was highly foreseeable to (the) defendants that their potential customers included persons with criminal intent, including persons such as James Holmes,” the lawsuit says.

This is similar to another lawsuit being pushed by the Brady Campaign in which the widow of a slain police officer is suing the gun shop which sold the gun. The Brady Campaign was also responsible for filing that lawsuit.

It seems clear that since they can’t win in Congress, state legislatures or in the courts, the Brady Campaign is resorting to bullying private businesses which employ Americans.

Even if the shops win these suits, they still have to dedicate time and resources to defend themselves. Hopefully they counter sue and recoup some of those resources and then some.

As the Fox News commentators in the above video point out, if this case is allowed to go forward and stand, then it sets a dangerous precedent for other industries. In theory, if this case succeeds you could sue a car dealer for selling a car that was used to cause a deadly accident. You could sue a department store for selling a set of kitchen knives which are then used in a crime, etc.

The Brady Campaign is officially, 100% a joke at this point. I wonder if the people who donate to the Campaign know that their money is being spent on frivolous lawsuits that only serve to hurt small businesses and the employment of Americans.

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