[Video] Eddie Vedder, Lead Singer of Pearl Jam, Wishes for Bad Things to Happen to Pro Gun People

October 9 2013
by GSL Staff
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Well, it’s not overly surprising that the lead singer of a Hollywood sell-out band would voice his anti-gun opinions.

However, of all of the celebrities who have recently come out as being anti-gun, Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam, might take the cake.

Vedder doesn’t just say how he feels about the issue, he actually goes as far as to wish harm upon people who have a different political stance than he does.

According to an interview with surfer Mark Richards, posted to the band’s Youtube channel,

“I get so angry that I almost wish bad things upon these people,” Vedder says in the interview (video above). “But I don’t have to because it seems like they happen anyways. It seems like every week I’m reading about a 4-year-old either shooting their sister, their dad, their dog, their brother or themselves, because there’s fucking guns laying around. But I guess it’s ‘fun.'”

Classy. Like, super classy.

Vedder also voices his displeasure at lawmaker’s lack of enthusiasm on the gun control debate.

“The fact that we’re living in a country where 90 percent of the people want further gun laws; to maybe somehow put a dent in some of this insanity that’s happening; and yet there’s no further legislation taking place, it’s very frustrating and upsetting.”

I guess Vedder hasn’t seen 90% Support Background Checks DEBUNKED.

Vedder also shows us why he is apparently so anti-gun. He wouldn’t trust himself to own one,

If I didn’t have music to kind of at least get some of the aggression out or take the edge off, you wouldn’t want me having a gun either.

Um… Eddie… most of us normal people don’t have violent tendencies that force us to either write music or commit violence. Most of us love our families, work hard, and try to help others whenever we can.

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