[Video] Dom Raso’s Media Lab – Episode 8: “Fight Like A Girl”

June 29 2014
by GSL Staff
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The latest episode of Dom Raso’s Media Lab is out and it’s entitled “Fight Like a Girl”. Here is the video description,

Self-defense expert Tamra joins Dom on Media Lab Episode 8 “Fight Like A Girl” to break down a scene from “Enough” and explain how training, minimal effort movements and re-directing energy help women to defend themselves.

In “Enough,” Jennifer Lopez ends up in a situation where she has to fight Billy Campbell and so she has to be strategic with every moves she makes. First, she re-directs his first swing by simply stepping out of the way – sending him into a table.

With quick movements, she puts distance and a couch between them to analyze the situation. He does pin her to a wall, but she uses a Krav Maga move to escape.

Dom Raso is impressed with each movement and he wears special gear to re-enact the scene because if there’s one thing you can learn from this episode of Media Lab it’s not to mess with a trained woman.

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