[Video] Deputy Shoots Himself in Leg While Trying to Kill Family Dog

April 18 2014
by GSL Staff
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If there is one law enforcement trend that I absolutely cannot stand or abide it is the killing of family pets by law enforcement officers.

Generally speaking these incidents are completely uncalled for and in most cases the animal represents no real harm to police officers. I understand that there are rare occurences when a dog might viciously attack an officer and true self defense may come into play, but I’m tired of hearing about animals that were killed because they “appear aggressive” or “barked aggressively”.

In this case, a family dog was nearly shot by a Riverside County, CA deputy who was serving court papers because the dog “came at him aggressively”. However, as he was drawing his gun to kill the animal, on private property, the deputy shot himself in the leg (it should be noted that the dog still did not harm the deputy even after he was immobilized).

The deputy is now being treated for a non-life threatening gunshot wound.

Animal control determined neither the dog nor its owner did anything wrong and will take no action against either.

A local news station came to record some video for a newscast and observed the dog playing with several small children happily.

The deputy in question works in the documents division of the sheriff’s office and his job is to serve court papers. The deputy was most likely carrying pepper spray which has been proven to be very effective at subduing aggressive dogs non-lethally. The sheriff’s office is calling the shooting self defense.

Personally, I wish states would make it a priority to enact legislation that governs how law enforcement interacts with animals.

Sources: NBC LA, CBS LA

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