[Video] Democrat Lawmaker Admits He “Wishes Democrats Would Come Out Against 2nd Amendment”

March 25 2014
by GSL Staff
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Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) is probably going to regret this guest spot on the Bill Maher show. Ellison agreed with Maher when Maher said he wished Democrats would outright come out against the Second Amendment.

Ellison responded with, “I sure wish they would, I sure wish they would” when Maher asked why Democrats won’t come out in direct opposition of the Second Amendment.

Ellison started out and finished his argument saying that he supports “common sense” gun control. He even went as far as to relate a story about visiting a gun owning uncle as a child who owned several guns. Ellison is quite confident his uncle would support magazine capacity limits and universal background checks.

Ellison also said, “if you want to have Grandpa’s shotgun then have it, but get rid of them crazy military style assault weapons.” Mahere then rebuffs Ellison saying that isn’t going to change anything (in case you didn’t know Bill Maher supports complete and total repeal of the Second Amendment and I can only assume door to door gun confiscation).

Ellison comes from an area of Minnesota that was controlled by Republicans for decades until the Democrat-Farmer-Labor party began enjoying success in the 1970’s there, despite the fact that Ellison represents a very progressive sub-section of the House, it seems that gun ownership in Minnesota is still a right people hold in high regard.

I seriously hope that whoever runs against Ellison in November airs this clip over and over again. I don’t think I’d spend my campaign money on anything else.

Sheila Blair makes an excellent point and I will agree with her (for once), the NRA and grassroots gun organizations get people to the polls while the anti-gun groups do not.

I also wish Democrats WOULD speak out directly against the Second Amendment. I hope they make repealing the Second Amendment the cornerstone of their platform in November. There would be no faster way to ensure the Democrats lose complete control of Congress (remember ’94 anyone?).

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