Deaf Child May Have to Change His Sign Language Name, Because School Says Sign Looks Like a Gun

August 28 2012
by GSL Staff
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UPDATE 8/29: The local school board has overruled the school’s decision and Hunter will not be forced to change his name sign.

This one might be worth a share to help get the word out and support this kid.

Zero tolerance has gotten a bit extreme at one NE pre-school. School officials are telling 3.5 year old Hunter Spanjer, who is deaf, that he has to change the sign language gesture he uses to say his name because it too closely resembles a gun.

That’s right, school officials are essentially telling a deaf toddler that his name, in sign language, violates their weapons policy.

Here is a link to the Facebook page where you can follow the story and show your support for Hunter:

Video report below.

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