[Video] Colion Noir for NRA News: There’s no Right to “FEEL SAFE”

October 15 2013
by GSL Staff
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Colion Noir has released a new video on a subject we’ve touched on before – there is no right to feel safe, and in our opinion, even if there was, my right to TRUE safety that I obtain by carrying a firearm trumps any right to FEEL safe that others might have.

Video Transcript:

It kills me when I hear anti-gunners exclaim how their against guns because they have a right to feel safe.

A right to feel safe?

Are you kidding me?

I looked through the entire thesaurus looking for a word that could capture how disgustingly self entitled that statement is.

The word I came up with can’t be said in this video so use your imagination.

You don’t have a right to feel safe anymore than I have a right for Zoe Saldana to be in love with me.

It’s ridiculous to think you have a right to feel safe, with that line of reasoning we should put everyone who looks scary in jail because they make you feel a certain kind of way, kill all the scary dogs because they make you feel a certain kind of way. Why not lock up Joe Biden who would put a shotgun out the door and fire two blasts in the air if ever attacked? That’s unsafe. Lets throw him in sing sing because it’s unsafe. Ban all knives, cars, or anything that may make you feel unsafe, because it’s your right to feel safe, even if you’re not.

This is the problem with this debate, you have a group of people proposing measures focused on how it makes them feel versus the real results.

When we’re talking matters of life or death your feelings have no place in the debate. I feel safer driving than I do flying but I’m actually safer flying than I am driving.

But I feel in control when I’m driving and it gives me a false sense of security, kind of like gun control gives antis the false sense of security that creating laws making guns illegal means they disappear and are instantly safer.

You can’t afford to go off feelings when we are talking about safety.

Buy a car based on your feelings.

Pick a restaurant based on your feelings.

Buy a house, choose a wife or a husband, buy a dog all based on your feelings, but when it comes to how I protect myself and my family, your feelings mean nothing to me as my feelings should mean to you.

Your right to feel safe is nothing more than naïve narcissism sprinkled with a touch of stupidity.

You don’t have a right to feel safe by taking away or severely limiting people’s means to protect themselves. We aren’t in kindergarten anymore where you’re allowed to wallow in your false sense of importance by limiting other people because of how you think it makes you feel.

We’re adults. We solve problems with cognitive reasoning not emotional tirades. As an adult you no longer have the luxury to demand the comfort of milk and cookies at the expense of real solutions. Being an adult isn’t burying your face in the bosom of the government demanding they make all the bad guns go away. So please, grow the hell up.

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