[Video] Colion Noir Appeared on Fox and Friends This Morning

May 20 2014
by GSL Staff
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By now, if you haven’t seen Colion Noir’s new web show, NOIR on the new NRA Freestyle network, you’ve probably at least heard of it. You’ve probably also heard about some of the attacks Noir is facing from left leaning media outlets.

Noir addressed some of the personal attacks he’s faced since launching the new show. He even addressed a left leaning website that published his mother’s address online. His response – he gave mom a gun.

Here is some previous coverage on NOIR:

Liberal leaning ThinkProgress published a report on Noir’s new web show. I’d call the article a hit piece, but hit pieces usually include some facts logical thought.

Here are some quotes,

Noir seems to have emerged out of the ether; evidence of his earlier, real-name career is scant. In interviews, he recites an origin story that sounds too good to not be scripted: he told conservative news site TheBlaze that he was “not too fond” of guns as a kid and didn’t fire one until after college, when he went with gun-owning friend to a range one day. “Quite frankly, when I stepped in I was terrified.” But once he fired, “it was literally love at first shot.”

Um. Colion was a well known gun rights video blogger for nearly two years before his association with the NRA began. Opening up his Youtube channel can show you that.

They also criticize him for not using his real last name,

As you can probably guess, Colion Noir is not his real name. It’s Collins Idehen. (Can you imagine the pitch meeting, trying to come up with the just-right fake name for the face of young black gun ownership? “How about Jack Black? Wait, that’s taken.” “You know, Noir means “black” in French.” “French? Isn’t that a little liberal-elite for our taste?” “No, trust me, people are going to like it.” “BOOM. Best brainstorm ever!”)

Once again. The guy was using that name before his association with the NRA. Also, I didn’t realize he was the first person to NOT use his real, full name online or in the media.

Of course, TP also had to criticize Colion’s hats. Yep. The dude wears a lot of hats. I’m pretty sure he just likes hats. However, to TP, it’s of course an NRA conspiracy,

Even the styling makes no sense: Noir wears a Phillies hat in one shot, an OKC Thunder hat in another, and a Yankee hat in the direct-to-camera addresses, making the clips feel even more staged than they already are. It’s as if, on three separate occasions, someone on set said, “We need a crisp baseball hat on this guy to make him look more ‘accessible-urban.’” And no one even thought through how inauthentic it would look for this guy—from Texas!—to go back and forth between mutually exclusive fandoms. On the promotional photo on the website, he is wearing a Boston Red Sox cap.

Just more “tolerance” from the anti-gun left. I guess they just can’t wrap their head around the fact that the NRA might, MIGHT want a commentator who is well educated, well spoken and can identify with the up and coming generation of gun owners.

Think Progress makes it seem the like some 30 years ago the NRA started some secret program in which it began grooming future spokespeople complete with conspiracies about fashion, names, and background. I guess to the anti-gun left that is more believable than a young, educated black man who likes guns.

Here is the most recent episode of the show in case you haven’t caught it yet.

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