Bystander Stabs Career Criminal to Death With Pocket Knife During Attempted Robbery

May 24 2014
by GSL Staff
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This one isn’t a defensive gun use, but it is a story of self defense and we always like to highlight those. This story is also a good example of improvisation during a (hopefully) rare times when you find yourself without a firearm.

A man armed with a box cutter entered a Florida Kangaroo gas station, brandished a box cutter and demanded money from the clerk.

A bystander, armed only with his pocket knife, attempted to stop the would be robber. An altercation ensued. During the fight, the suspect was stabbed by the bystander.

According to First Coast News,

Witness Sharon Shebester said her 37-year-old son Anthony “Tony” Shebester was inside the convenience store when Lohman allegedly entered the store with a tee shirt wrapped around his face. Sharon followed Lohman into the store and saw him holding a box cutter to the throat of the store clerk, a man in his late sixties or early seventies named Joe.

Tony sprang into action, according to Sharon, jumping over the counter, wrestling Lohman away from the clerk and attempted to subdue him. Lohman was allegedly able to throw Tony around like a rag doll, Sharon detailed, even though Tony is much larger in height and weight than Lohman. In the midst of the struggle, Tony stabbed Lohman in the center of the chest. Sharon called police and Tony tried to stop the bleeding, giving Lohman CPR.

The suspect had died of his injuries before police could even arrive on the scene.

According to The Florida Times Union, the suspect is identified as 42 year old Jeffery Charles Lohman. Lohman has a criminal history dating all the way back to the early 1990’s.

Police are still investigating the incident, but this would seem to clearly fall under Florida’s self defense laws based on the facts currently available.

Since no firearm was used we’re not going to include this one in the defensive gun use database, but it is a story of self defense.

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