[Video] Bundy Ranch Update and High Quality Video From the Showdown With Fed Agents

April 15 2014
by GSL Staff
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The video you see above is one of the higher quality videos I’ve seen from the showdown under the interstate underpass between federal agents and Bundy cowboys/protestors.

First off, how awesome is it to see old school cowboys, many of whom are clearly armed with six shooters hanging on gun belts, doing what they do?

I am glad that cooler heads prevailed across the board and the immediate situation was resolved without violence.

Next, the official Bundy Ranch Facebook page is attempting to quash any rumors about preceding and current events. Even today, rumors persist about incidents of force against the Bundy Ranch and they are simply not true. The Bundy facebook page posted the following in the last 24 hours:

If it is not posted here or on our blog:


We will let people know when something happens and it is official! The hardest part of the whole campaign has been to squash bugs! Please help us!

If you see something saying we are attacked etc post the following!

“This is incorrect! I do not see it on either OFFICIAL Page, if you would like to check for yourselves look here:

-Bundy Family”

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