[Video] BREAKING: Morse Supporters Remove (Steal) “RECALL MORSE” Campaign Signs in Colorado

September 5 2013
by GSL Staff
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Breaking news out of Colorado.

RevealPolitics posted the above video on their Youtube channel just a little while ago.

Today is the first day of voting in the recall election of anti-gun Colorado State Senators John Morse and Angela Giron.

The video shows two men with some sort of hand-truck systematically removing signs that, according to the video description, are outside of the “no campaigning” zone near a polling place.

Here is the description posted along with the video:

As part of Revealing Politics’ “Recall Transparency Project” September 5, 2013 our team member, Alyssa, filmed two men walking down the street taking yes on recall signs that were outside the 100ft electioneering

Both Giron and Morse are facing recalls over their support of strict gun control laws earlier this year in Colorado.

The Democrat controlled Colorado legislature passed limits on magazine capacity as well as a strict universal background check bill earlier this year.

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