[Video] BREAKING: James Yeager Gets His Tennessee Carry Permit Back

April 10 2013
by GSL Staff
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In January, in response to a video posted by firearms instructor and Youtube personality James Yeager in which he stated he would, paraphrasing, start shooting people if any unconstitutional gun laws were passed.

Obviously those comments on a highly trafficked Youtube channel garnered a lot of attention, some unwanted.

The state of Tenesse suspended Yeager’s state carry permit.

Yeager was still able to carry a gun for self protection as he is a retired police officer.

During an appeal his permit was reinstated.

Yeager released the following statement along with the video:

In January, I posted a video to Youtube in which I vehemently expressed my opposition to any effort to impose gun control that might circumvent Congress. Some of my comments were quite volatile, and I retracted those comments publicly a short time later. In the mean time, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security issued a suspension of my handgun carry permit, claiming that I was a threat to the community. As allowed by law, I requested a hearing before a judge on the issue. On April 3, 2013 I appeared in General Sessions Court in Benton County with my attorney, Dana McLendon of Franklin and four witnesses. The Department of Safety and Homeland Security presented its case for their suspension of my permit, and my witnesses and I testified, too. The judge concluded that I was indeed not a threat to the safety of the community and reinstated my handgun carry permit. I am pleased with the result and I learned some valuable lessons along the way. – James Yeager

Here is a video interview Yeager did after the January incident.


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