[Video] Breaking: Democratic Congresswoman Admits Outright Handgun Ban Is The End Goal

March 11 2013
by GSL Staff
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Video blogger Jason Mattera has Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky saying that an assault weapons ban is just the beginning.

She also says that a complete ban on handguns could be possible through state and local action.

The congresswoman also voices her support for universal background checks. As we’ve previously stated, universal background checks create a de facto gun registry by eventually putting every gun on a Form 4473. These forms can be greatly controlled by the federal government and are already turned over to the ATF when a firearms dealer closes or changes owners.

This should show you what the anti gunners true agenda is. Anti gunner Dianne Feinstein has also said, on video, that her ultimate goal is to ban all firearms.

Make no mistake, these anti gun politicians are not interested in compromises. They are only interested in a ultimate goal of complete gun bans.


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