[Video] BREAKING: DC May Require Gun Owners to Carry $250,000 Liability Insurance Policy

May 16 2013
by GSL Staff
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As if Washington DC’s ridicuously draconian gun laws aren’t strict enough already, now the DC City Council is considering a measure which would require all gun owners to carry a $250,000 liability insurance policy.

The bill would be retroactive in nature and not only require those buying a gun to have the insurance, but anyone currently owning a firearm would be required to get the insurance as well.

It’s unclear how much the insurance would cost and how claims would work if say a gun was stolen and used by a criminal. Would shop owners who are robbed with a stolen, insured gun be able to claim the cost of the theft? Or only if someone was hurt? Also, do these lawmakers really think criminals are going to be insuring their guns before they use them in crimes? This is obviously a shot at law abiding gun owners.

According to the Daily Caller,

“These are instrumentalities that, if mishandled or allow others access or mishandling, can cause great harm,” Cheh said in an interview with WTTF-TV.

Critics are speaking out against the proposal, noting the cost it will impose on gun owners. It’s currently unclear how much a $250,000 liability insurance policy would cost, but Cheh also said that she is open to lowering the coverage amount, pending it is too expensive.

“I don’t mean it to be a centrifuge as a ban,” she said in response to those who may accuse her of creating a barrier to gun ownership. “I want it to really be insurance.”

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