[Video] Bill Clinton Acknowledges Democrats Lost Congress in ’94 Due to Gun Legislation Vote

April 30 2013
by GSL Staff
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In a recent speech at a Georgetown University, former President Bill Clinton acknowledged that Democrats lost the 1994 congressional elections due to Congress passing the sweeping gun legislation that banned most semi automatic firearms and limited magazine capacity to 10 rounds at the federal level.

Clinton attributed this to gun owners being far more likely to vote against a candidate solely on the issue of gun control and the fact that non gun owners aren’t likely to vote for someone just because they support gun control measures.

The former president has also apparently been hanging out with current Vice President Joe “Double Barrel” Biden as he made the following comment at the end of the attached video.

“If you live in a city and you think you need protection of your home, you’re way better off with a shotgun than an assault weapon,” he said. “Trust me. It’s not even close.”

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