[Video] Best Western Clerk Refuses to Help Disabled Vet, Makes Him Slide Down Hotel Stairs

August 12 2012
by GSL Staff
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Given the fact that our audience includes many present, past, and future service men/women we thought this might of interest.

Chad Staples is an Iraq War vet who was paralyzed when he took a bullet to protect a fellow wounded soldier.

Staples was staying at a Best Western hotel in Texas when the power went out, causing the elevator to be unusable for some time. He called down to the front desk to get help with his bags and wheelchair, but he was taken aback when the desk clerk laughed at him and refused the request.

Staples was forced to throw his wheelchair and bags down the hotel stairs and then slide down the stairs on his own.

Best Western did apologize to Staples and refunded his money, however, Staples says that’s not enough. He wants the clerk, Holly Oyerbides, fired, and wants Best Western to put policies in place to ensure this doesn’t happen to another vet.


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