[Video] Anti-Gunners Are Really Upset About Colion Noir’s Hats, Like, Really Upset

May 16 2014
by GSL Staff
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It’s almost ridiculously humorous how much of an uproar Colion Noir’s new web series, Noir, is creating among the liberal press and anti-gunners.

They seriously hate it. I mean they really, really don’t like it, for lots of reasons, but the most amusing reason seems to be because Colion likes hats. Dude has an obviously massive hat collection.

Here are just two quotes from recent pieces written about his new web series. From Think Progress:

Even the styling makes no sense: Noir wears a Phillies hat in one shot, an OKC Thunder hat in another, and a Yankee hat in the direct-to-camera addresses, making the clips feel even more staged than they already are. It’s as if, on three separate occasions, someone on set said, “We need a crisp baseball hat on this guy to make him look more ‘accessible-urban.’” And no one even thought through how inauthentic it would look for this guy—from Texas!—to go back and forth between mutually exclusive fandoms. On the promotional photo on the website, he is wearing a Boston Red Sox cap.

That’s 100 words about hats folks. Even Gawker had to weigh in on Colion’s hat collection,

Also, how trustworthy is this Colion Noir? Put another way: Who in good conscience can wear a Yankees hat… and a Phillies hat? A fucking poser, that’s who.

You know you’re probably winning when the other side starts resorting to mocking the clothes you’re wearing. I mean seriously, c’mon, is that the best they’ve got?

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