[Video] Anti-Gun Union Boss – “If I Answer the Wrong Question, is My [Armed] Teacher Going to Shoot Me?”

August 6 2013
by GSL Staff
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Please make it stop. My brain can’t handle such asinine comments. Last Thursday, New Jersey American Federation of Teachers president Donna Chiera, appeared on “Today” on NBC.

She addressed the issue of arming teachers as a defense against mass shootings. Chiera was asked how she thought armed teachers might impact students. Here is what she said (really, it’s what she said).

“I would hate for students to say, ‘Oh, my goodness, if I answer the wrong question, is my teacher going to shoot me? If I make my teacher angry, is my teacher going to shoot me?’”

This calls for an animated GIF.


Thank you David Tennant, because that is the exact face I made when I saw her comments.

Chiera went on to double down on her comments,

“Because of the media and everything they’ve been exposed to, where people on a regular basis they see on TV, someone got mad and pulled out a gun. I also think it impacts parents. Parents many times come into classrooms to have uncomfortable conversations with teachers. And I wouldn’t want parents to come in and be hesitant to say something to me with, ‘Is this the teacher who’s packing the gun, and what do I have to be fearful?’ I think it would make an environment of fear.”

Many anti-gunners make nonsensical comments, but this one clearly takes the cake. I guess no one told her that quite literally millions of private citizens carry guns in this country everyday and don’t feel the need to shoot people they disagree with.

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