[Video] Anti Gun News Anchor Gets Schooled in Debate With WV Citizens Defense League President

January 14 2013
by Dan Cannon
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Keith Morgan, president of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League, appeared on The State Journal’s Decision Makers to talk about guns and gun control.

The above debate beat down is what followed.

Watch for the host’s reaction when Morgan mentions that he is actually carrying during the interview.

This is another example of how the anti gun crowd remains uninformed on the issues at hand and continues to bring emotion into a debate that calls for sound logic.

Great job Keith Morgan, keep up the great work!

Dan Cannon

Dan Cannon

Founder & Editor at GunsSaveLives.net
Dan has combined his education and professional background in technology with his passion for shooting and personal rights to create one of the most read Second Amendment news websites online. His articles are also syndicated in The Daily Caller's "Guns and Gear" Section.

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