[Video] 7 Videos of Piers Morgan Getting Owned in Gun Control Debates

January 28 2014
by GSL Staff
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Piers Morgan’s favorite topic to discuss on his CNN talk show is apparently guns. He just can’t get enough gun control debates. You’d think as much as he talks about guns he’d be better at debating the talking points, however, Morgan keeps getting owned by pro-gun advocated over and over and over again.

Let’s take a look at some of the best videos where Piers debates gun rights supporters.

Note: All videos below were found on video sharing sites such as Youtube. We do not host any of these videos. All videos are the property of their respective copyright/trademark holders.

First off, here is the most recent one. Morgan is interviewing Chris Nocco, a sheriff in Florida where a man was shot in a movie theater. Morgan attempts to use the incident as a rally point for more gun control, but is quickly shut down by the sheriff.

In the following video, where Morgan debates the Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gotlieb, we see one of Morgan’s favorite tactics when interviewing someone more educated on the facts than him – talk loud and use emotional, rather than logical arguments.

Here, we see Morgan discussing gun control with fellow CNN hosts SE Cupp and Van Jones from Crossfire (that show might be canceled now, not sure). We know where Cupp stands on gun rights, but surprisingly even the liberal side of the Crossfire team finds himself at odds with Morgan.

This one is just for fun. This is from Celebrity Apprentice where gun rights supporter and certified badass Trace Adkins basically threatens to slap the s**t out of Morgan on national TV.

Here, during a debate with Brietbart’s AWR Hawkins, Morgan resorts to making up statistics to make his point. Hint: Virginia does not have the highest murder rate in the country.

In the following video we have Ken Hansen, general counsel for the Buckeye Firearms Association, throwing a little logic at Morgan.

Finally, where would this list be without a video of Uncle Ted debating Morgan on guns.

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