[Video] 17 Year Old Young Lady in Texas Grabbed Her Dad’s Glock to Stop Daytime Home Invasion

May 16 2014
by GSL Staff
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OK, first off, let’s address the first thing that’s going to come up in the comments on this post – yes, it does appear that this girl was handling a live gun on camera during her interview, but she also has excellent muzzle and trigger discipline. I’m sure the news crew wanted to get her working the action on camera. Also, yes, a Glock 19 has a capacity of 15 rounds, but let’s cut her a little slack on the technical knowledge (maybe there was a Glock 17 magazine handy).

Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about this almost defensive gun use.

Samantha Mayhue was home alone in her family’s Texas home when she heard someone trying to break in by attempting to crack the electronic deadbolt on the front door. Mayhue acted quickly and went straight for her dad’s Glock.

According to ABC News,

“I was going to pull the trigger and aim for the chest and keep pulling it until the 17 rounds out of my dad’s Glock 19 was gone,” Mayhue said.

Luckily, the alarm scared the would-be intruder away.

“Daddy taught me right. I wasn’t afraid to do what I needed to do,” Mayhue said.

Mayhue described herself as a firearms enthusiast and even wants to be a firearms instructor after graduating from college.

We’re not going to count this one in the database, because it sounds like the home’s door alarm stopped the criminal act before the gun was introduced into the situation. That shouldn’t take anything away from the fact that this young lady seemed well prepared to act if needed.

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