[Video] 14 Year Old Student May Face Year in Jail For Refusing to Remove NRA Shirt in School

June 15 2013
by GSL Staff
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You might remember when we reported that a middle school student in West Virginia was suspended from school and arrested after refusing to remove an NRA t-shirt he was wearing.

At the time, the arrest almost seemed secondary to the actions that the school was taking, but now that arrest is the story that is front and center as prosecutors move forward in actually pursuing the charges against the student. To be honest, I really assumed that the charge (obstruction of an officer) would be dropped.

According to a report by WTRF the prosecuting attorney is moving forward with that charge and a judge is allowing the case to move forward. Fourteen year old Jared Marcum could face up to a $500 fine and up to a year in jail (we’ll seriously hope that isn’t a real possibility) if found guilty.

According to the report, the arresting officer alleges that when Jared refused to stop talking he hindered the officers ability to do his job and that is where the obstruction arrest came from. I’m guessing a 14 year old kid who felt intimidated was trying to explain himself, but let’s throw him in jail for good measure.

According to the report, both the prosecuting attorney and police refused to comment or answer any questions from reporters regarding the case.

I have to wonder, if a student was wearing a Brady Campaign or Mayors Against Illegal (aka all) Guns shirt would they have faced the same scrutiny?

The shirt in question that the boy was wearing featured the NRA logo and the outline of a .308 caliber, semi automatic rifle, similar to a rifle owned by the boy’s father.

We hope that the prosecutor and judge involved come to their senses and don’t ruin this young man’s life over a First Amendment issue. No matter what, this boy is a brave patriot for refusing to budge in the face of oppression.

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