Utah Lawmaker Seeks to Attract Beretta, Other Gun Companies from Anti Gun States With Lucrative Tax Incentives

May 21 2013
by GSL Staff
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As some states such as Maryland, Connecticut, and Colorado turn their backs on gun companies who have contributed to their state economies for years by passing extremely restrictive anti gun laws, other, pro-gun states are actively courting gun companies to bring jobs to their states.

Case in point, Utah State Senator Howard Stephenson is filing legislation to give very attractive tax breaks to companies like Beretta who are seeking a new base of operations as their home states turn more and more anti gun.

The following was posted on Stephenson’s state senate blog,

My initial proposal will be to reduce obstacles and offer incentives to gun manufacturers located in the Beehive State. This might include eliminating sales taxes on machinery, equipment and replacement parts which are used in the manufacture of guns.

This is an exciting opportunity for Utah, and tomorrow’s Republican State Convention provides an additional exciting opportunity to open up a discussion about bringing Beretta and other gun manufacturers to our state.

At tomorrow’s convention I’ll have a co-sponsor list with me. I’m anxious to continue this discussion, and I hope that the other state legislators in attendance will find me and sign on to this opportunity for Utah.

It’s obvious that state governments are serious about attracting the large number of jobs and positive economic impact that large gunmakers would bring with them.

Texas Governor Rick Perry is another public official who has been publicly and aggressively courting gun companies to move to the famously gun friendly state of Texas.

At least one gun related company has already bolted from their home state following the passage of restrictive gun laws. Magpul Industries, which manufactures one of the most popular magazines for AR-15 style rifles on the market, along with other accessories has almost completely moved their operations from the state of Colorado following the passage of extremely anti gun laws there, including a law which would make their would famous magazines illegal within the state.

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