Utah Cop Believes That All Gun Owner Should Pass Psych Test to Own Weapons – My Rebuttal

September 21 2012
by GSL Staff
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A Utah cop, who goes by Officer Anonymous, wrote an editorial for KSL.com in which he gives several long winded reasons why all gun owners should have to pass a psychological test before being permitted to purchase a weapon.

Let’s look at a few of these:

“…why are you in a hurry to buy a gun? Last-second Christmas gift? Forgot an anniversary and the wife really needs that pink Walther P22?”

Maybe your home was burglarized last night. Maybe your violent ex was just released from prison. Maybe gang activity has suddenly moved to your neighborhood. Maybe you’re a competition shooter and your primary gun broke right before a competition and you need to purchase a replacement. Maybe you need one for a last minute hunting trip.

“We gun owners seem to be so afraid that at any moment the government can swoop in and take all our guns that we squash any ideas involving regulating the sale, manufacture and enforcement of guns. We see no problem in tracking purchases of cough medicine and other ingredients in meth labs, but don’t you dare monitor how many guns I own.”

Um, many people don’t think the government should be spending taxpayer money, violating privacy and stifling business because a product might be used for something nefarious.

“Well, if every gun is registered, we will know where they got it. I have been looking back through a few of the recent shootings, and most of the suspects appeared to have obtained and possessed the guns lawfully.”

How were you able to find that information without a formal, national gun registry? Oh, because the current paper trail is already good enough for tracking guns used in crimes without overly invading privacy.

“I would like to see who can offer me the best explanation on why we shouldn’t require a psychological and registering your gun purchase.”

Well, I feel like I’ve already given some good ones above, but here are a few more:

  1. Cost – last time I checked psychologists don’t work for free. Who is going to cover the costs of these tests? Can a person use an psychologist they wish? Does the psychologist have to meet minimum certain training requirements in order to be able to approve a person for gun ownership? Who is going to handle that oversight, and pay for it? Taxpayers? Good luck.
  2.  It’s a violation of the Second Amendment. I don’t see anything in the COTUS that says anything along the lines of “Must not be infringed (after passing a psych exam).” Legally you would have to change the CONUS in order to be able to accomplish this, otherwise it would certainly be ruled unconstitutional in court.
  3. Should we place tests and restrictions on the other rights and freedoms guaranteed by the CONUS? Maybe a grammar and literacy test to exercise the First Amendment. Maybe a test on current events to vote. Maybe a test on Unites States law before you’re allowed a fair and swift trial.
  4. What happens when someone who was disarmed by this new requirement (due to cost or other reasons) is killed by a criminal who doesn’t care about the new requirement? We’re talking about someone who would normally be carrying a gun for self defense, but chose not to because they felt they couldn’t follow the law to a tee. If it saves just one law abiding citizen, should we NOT have  a psych test for gun ownership?

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