URGENT: Harry Reid Maneuvering to Change Senate Rules That Would Allow Gun Control to Easily Pass

July 16 2013
by GSL Staff
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Reid ObamaDemocratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is up to his old tricks once again.

According to an Associated Press report, Reid is Maneuvering to remove the ability for senators to filibuster which would remove certain 60 vote requirements from some pieces of legislation, such as the gun control bills which were defeated in the Senate back in April.

Under Reid’s proposed changes, the Toomey-Manchin universal background check legislation (aka federal gun registration lite) would have easily passed and the only thing standing between us and new federal gun regulations would have been the GOP controlled House of Representatives. It’s also feasible that other, more strict legislation could have passed if given a lower threshold for passage.

Gun Owners of America has voiced their concerns about Reid’s proposed rule changes,

Once it is impossible to filibuster Executive Branch appointments, Obama will soon carry through on his word to slam through a rabidly anti-gun zealot to head the ATF.

And does anyone think that the Senate would comply with the niceties of the rules it has obliterated — if what was at stake was an anti-gun zealot nominated to the Supreme Court in order to overturn the Heller and McDonald decisions?

Finally, it is just not credible for Reid to say: “I’m going to cheat. But I’m going to define the way in which I cheat to limit my cheating to this narrow way.”

According to the AP Report,

McConnell called Democrats’ proposed changes contrary to Senate tradition, which typically requires 60 votes to end debate and move forward on nominations or legislation.

“I hope that we’ll come to our senses and not change the core of the Senate. We’ve never changed the rules of the Senate by breaking the rules of the Senate,” McConnell said.

But Democrats control the Senate, and Republicans could be at their mercy.

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