United Airlines Employee Kicks Disabled Vet’s Service Dog, Calls Vet Retarded

July 22 2012
by GSL Staff
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This isn’t a self defense story, but I thought it was one worth publishing given that our audience are strong supporters of our men and women in uniform.

Jim Staneck, a disabled veteran, who suffers from a brain injury and PTSD uses a service dog to help him in his day to day life. While trying to catch a United Airlines flight that was delayed Staneck’s dog was kicked, very hard, twice. Staneck was also called retarded by a United Airlines employee after asking for help reading an email that he was having trouble understanding.

The video below has an interview and also includes a cell phone video shot by Staneck showing his dog cowering and shaking after the incident as they sat alone in a corner of the airport.

Eventually two United employees noticed Staneck’s distress and got him home on another flight.

Full story at the link below the video.

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