TX Deputy Shoots Farmer’s Dog in the Back of the Head After Farmer Called Police About Burglary

April 24 2014
by GSL Staff
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UPDATE 4/24: The deputy who shot the dog has been terminated from employment with Rains County Sheriff’s Office. According to KETKNBC, the Sheriff’s Office is also putting new training and procedures in place for dealing with pets,

The Rains County Sheriff’s Office would most importantly like to offer condolences to the Middleton Family as they have suffered a hard loss. The Rains County Sheriff’s Office has never encountered an issue of this nature, but plan to make positive changes for the future. The Rains County Sheriff’s Office is now in process of introducing new policies regarding animals at large when approaching residences. It is our goal to serve, protect, and keep all situations in which we are involved in safe for both people and animals. The Rains County Sheriff’s Office will continue the investigation until further notice and promises to make positive strides in this matter. They would like thank the Middleton’s and the citizens of Rains County for your patience during our investigation.

Original Story

Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

It seems like these stories are happening more and more each week. Stories of officers shooting dogs that simply did not need to be shot.

In this case, a third generation Texas farmer, Cole Middleton, called police about a break-in on his property. When an officer finally arrived, Rains County Deputy Jerred Dooley, the farmer’s dog ran up to the officer (as dogs do, especially herding dogs), so the officer drew his gun and shot the dog.

Middleton and other residents recorded the conversation with the backup officers that showed up on scene after the fact.

Middleton says he had to drown the dog, who was slowly dying, as the officer refused to fire another shot to put her out of her misery.

The dog in question, Candy, was a blue heeler. These dogs weigh between 30-49lbs, and based on photos of Candy, she seemed to be on the smaller end of the spectrum.

“What I’m saying is the man pulls up without cause and shoots my dog,” Middleton can be heard telling officers in the video.

“Your dog charged me, buddy,” the deputy replies.

“No, no,” Middleton shoots back.

“I got it on dash cam man; your dog charged me,” the deputy claims.

“You’re invading her property, but she wouldn’t bite you! she’s never bitten anybody!” the man shouts.

According to an autopsy performed by a local vet, the dog was shot in the back of the head.


Here is the video where Middleton confronts officers following the shooting.

If you want to help Middleton’s fight to get justice for Candy, you can visit The Justice for Candy Middleton Facebook page, or donate to the legal fund at GoFundMe.

Hat tip: The Blaze

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