Two New NRA Stand and Fight Videos – Why Universal Background Checks = Universal Registration

February 27 2013
by GSL Staff
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The NRA is continuing their release of Stand and Fight videos which are well produced and send simple messages opposing new gun legislation.

Now the NRA has released two new videos.

The first is a video of NY Senator Charles Schumer first saying gun registration is illegal and will remain illegal even if universal background checks are implemented. Just days later he is promoting universal registration. Guess we need a translator for Chuck’s comments from now on.

Here is that video.

Next up is a longer video of NRA VP Wayne LaPierre giving a speech on the unintended consequences of universal background checks. It’s longer but also worth a watch.

We’ve been saying a universal background check system would create a de facto registration and lay the building blocks for formal, federal registration for weeks now. We’ve also seen that even some GOP lawmakers support these measures. That’s why now is the time to write your lawmakers and tell them you oppose any new gun legislation, including universal background checks.

If you missed this video we posted earlier today, it also shines some light into the universal background check issue and why it is certainly the first step in implementing a registry of gun owners.

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