Trends in Self Defense Part 3: Don’t Mess With The Elderly (10 Stories Where Seniors Used Firearms in Self Defense)

August 7 2012
by GSL Staff
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We often point out that guns can be an equalizer in a violent encounter. In the stories listed below senior citizens leveled the playing field against younger, stronger, and sometimes multiple assailants with positive results.

If you’ve ever wondered why some say, “Don’t mess with old people,” maybe these stories will give you some insight as to why.

Also, all of the stories below happened in just the last 30 days.


This is a pretty amazing story. An armed private citizen assisted a police officer who was pinned down… Read More


When a FL man tried to break into a home, he was greeted by birdshot flying his way. After being shot… Read More

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An 89 year old widow in SC used a .38 caliber gun that belonged to her late husband to scare off two… Read More


A CT homeowner investigated sounds coming from his living room. When he did, he was confronted by a naked… Read More


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