Top Second Amendment Headlines From This Week

April 13 2013
by GSL Staff
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See the list below for a list of our top stories from the last week or so.

A lot happens in a week and we know not everyone can keep up on a daily basis, so we’re going to try to tell you what you need to check out if you only have a limited amount of reading time.

We’ll be doing this on a weekly basis on the weekends.


– Most Ridiculous Anti Gun Quotes From Anti Gun Politicians (Prepare to Laugh…Then Cry)

– [Video] Here We Go, Gun Laws Now Being Link to Terrorism After Other Arguments Fail

– Remington Opts to Stay in New York State & Expand Operations After Getting $80m Govt Contract

– BREAKING Full Text of Toomey-Manchin Gun Bill Released – Read Here

– White House Planning MASSIVE Anti Gun Social Media Campaign – Let’s Intervene!

– What .357 Will Do to a Hand – Negligent Discharge & Safety Reminder – Caution: Graphic Photo

– BREAKING: Gun Control Filibuster Fails – Bill Moves to Senate Floor

– [Video] Adorable 10 Year Old Girl Delivers Pro Gun Testimony to Anti Gun Lawmakers

– [Video] BREAKING: RINO Senator Toomey Proposes Universal Background Check “Compromise”

– BREAKING: York Arms CANCELS All Orders to NY Law Enforcement & Offers Alternatives to Residents

– [Video] POWERFUL Video – Newtown Dad Speaks Out Against Gun Control Laws

– Poll: Law Enforcement Officers Overwhelmingly Support Gun Rights and Oppose New Gun Control

– NY Attempts to Confiscate Man’s Guns Over Perceived Threat His 10 Year Old Made at School

– [Video] Poet Maya Angelou Says She Likes Having Guns Around and Recalls How She Fired at Intruder

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